Top 3 Tech Stocks IPO’s To Make you RICH in 2019

With 2019 on the horizon it is only right for me to release my list of the Top 3 Stocks whose IPO I will be on the look out for.These 3 companies are huge and projected to have very strong initial public offerings.

My TOP 3 Stocks IPO To watch (2019 List:

Uber Stock IPO:

Uber app logo


With a Market cap of $72 billion, Uber has one of the largest private market caps in the tech sector. Toyota has invested 500 Million into Uber for the development of autonomous cars.The Toyota sienna will be the first autonomous car to hit the streets according yo Toyota(TM).The so called “Robotaxi” is set to make trillions by 2050.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said the company is still on track to go public in the second half of 2019.

Uber has also appointed a new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Mr. Nelso J Chai. 53. He used to be and executive for Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Chai has prior IPO experience. He was there for the merger of the comapny Archipelago and the New York Stock Exchamge back in 2004.

Uber Stock ipo CONS:

Uber has been steadly losing money though, posting a loss of $891 Million in its second quarter report for 2018.

Some experts are projecting Uber’s ipo as a bubble. Looking at total Valuation of the company and Losses they keep taking, in forms of promotions.

Autonomus Transportation Technology still has to be worked on,after a self driving car struck and killed a woman in Arizon this year.

Uber has a 72 Bilion Market Cap,along with toyota motor(TM) investing $500 Million into the company.This will be used to do more research on self driving taxis. Robotaxis could generate trillions by 2050


Lyft Stock IPO Pros:

Ride Sharing App Lyft Logo


Lyft is set go public in March, April of 2019.

•They have hired Class V Group public advisor.They worked on Google’s 2004 IPO, ran by former banker, Lise buyer.

Lyft i set to trade publicly first between the two companies

•Lyft does not disclose its financial earnings like Uber, which i also stated in the video i felt was a good thing.


Airbnb Stock IPO Pros:

Airbnb Official Logo


•Airbnb is sitting on $31 Billion Market Cap

•Set to trade publicly (June 30 – No later 2020)

•Raised $4.4B as private company.

•Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky gave employees a cash bonus.

•Grant stock (shares owned by the company which are sold at a cheaper price to employees, of that company, but the employee must keep employed for fixed time period)

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Hello Investors…

First a little about myself. I am a 24 years old first time stock market investor trying to get a foot hold in this crazy business. I am currently employed part time, other hours are spent investing capital saved from my job as well as researching the stock market to stay ahead of my game. This is where you come in, you get to join me on the exciting journey to financial freedom by 2020.

You can follow me on my journey through my Youtube Channel 

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Cronos Group Vs Village Farms Weed Stocks Debate 2018

Kilos Produced Annually

Cronos Group (Mucci farm,CronosGrowCo)

•Cronos group currently produces 6,650 kilograms per year.

•Cronos Group’s joint venture with Bert Mucci’s “Mucci Farms” who has more 30 years of experience in growing produce like fruits and vegetables. “Greenhouse Partners” is the name of the Venture.

•This Formed “Cronos GrowCO”

•This will expand Cronos group capacity from 40,000 kilograms to 70 kilograms.

Mucci Farm Owners:

Bert Mucci

Danny Mucci (brother)

Gianni Mucci (cousin)

Joe spano( Family friend)

•Mucci Farm’s Greenhouse is located in Kingsville,Ontario.

•Mucci Farm currently has 1200 Employees, with 200 Acres of growing experience.


Village Farms & Emerald Health Therapeutics Create “Pure Farms”

•The Goal of this venture was to provide a more cost effective way to growing cannabis.To get the price less than $1.00 per gram at full running capacity.

•Delta City 3 Greenhouse has a 1.1Millon square feet of growing space.The first 250,000 square feet was up and runnig since April 2018.

7 – 8 thousand kilograms are expected to be produced by end of 2018, with 52k by end 2019

For and overall of 75k Kilograms by 2020


The Supply Agreements

Cronos Group

•Cronos has supply agreements with British columbia & Ontario.

•Supplying to Nova Scotia & Prince Edward island.(Canadian Province)

•The 5 year agreement is to supply 20 thousand grams of medical cannabis annually.

•Cronos also MedMen Joint Venture, to open retail in Canada.When regulation permits allow them in 2019


Village farms and Pure Farms

Village Farms has 6 Green grow houses that Operates in British Columbia & Texas, growing fruit and veggies.

•Village Farms International Inc. has No supply agreements at the moment.

•They will be selling wholesale to Large Marijuana growers in the future.This will possibly make up for the lack of a International Agreement.


Global/international Outreach

Cronos group

•Cronos group has had a Venture in Germany to supplying Medical Cannabis.

•Cronos Signed Supply Agreement with Delfarma,Supplying Poland’s Medical Market.Ventures to supply Australia & Latin America are also in works.

“Ginkgo Bioworks Partnership”

•Gingko Bioworks is Producing what they call Cultured high purity Cannabinoids by Engineering Strains of Yeast.

•it be like Will be like brewing beer….with weed.

•These Cannabinoids will be used to make Rose scented oils for Perfumes.

•Sweeteners for Drinks

•And Industrial Enzygmes used in laundey detergent.

If the 3 year Cronos Group Ginkgo Deal goes through, Ginkgo will accquire 14.7 Million Common Shares of stock issued bu Cronos Group worth 100 Million dollars.



The Better Weed Stock?

•Village farms has higher production than Cronos Group at the moment but with smaller overall market and value.

•Village Farm Value is abkut 1/8 size Cronos groups 1.7 Billion.

•Village Farms Aka “Pure Farms” Market Cap is 223 Million

•Cronos Group has a market cap of 1.7 Billion

How to start Investing in STOCKS wth little money! (Invest in Stock Market for beginners 2018 )

Investing in the stock market for a beginner investor can be a scary experience.If you were like me you probably didn’t understand all the business terms used on the stock market, like sector and market caps.

Today I will help give you get a clearer understanding of investing in stocks with little to no money, and financial education.

Investing in Stocks 101.

First thing you need to start investing in the stock market is a brokerage account.

Free Brokerage account sites:

•Alley Invest

•Robinhood (App)


The list goes on.

After signing up, you want to fund your account.How do you do this with no money you ask?

Step 2:

Get a part-time Job that pays a weekly check.(Hustle Required)

Step 3:

Pay yourself first with 20% of you income made that week from your job.This will be your savings stash.

The other 50% will go to funding your lifestyle or necessities needed.

The remaining 30% can be broken into 15% and half investing into the market to start.

The remaining 15% I take out of the bank in cash. This can be used instead of a credit card, to save on small purchases.

How do Stocks Make money exactly?

There are Two Types of stocks to buy.

•Growth Stocks – This type of Security(fancy word for a share of stock in a company)

⁃ Growth stocks are companies whose earnings are expected to grow over time, at and above average rate. Out performing the Market.

– Dividend Stocks – This stock pays you just for holding onto it!

– Dividend are paid a to its shareholders(you) per share your own.Just for you holding onto it!

*The trick stock is purchasing more shares when the price is cheap*

Stocks to buy with under $100 in your bank account?


Lets buy some stock!



A great starter dividend stock I recommend is AT&T Inc. Ticker symbol “T” (The symbol that represents the stock on the New York stock exchange (NYSE)

Why Invest in AT&T Stock?

Well….. First off AT&T is the Second Largest wireless carrier in the US, behind Verizon “V”

Secondly,Remember we spoke about those dividends earlier? Yea,AT&T pays a quarterly(Every Three Months),$.50 per share!

Regardless of what you do, where you live, you will passively earn 50 cents on every share of AT&T stock you own.

More SHARES,More income,Get it?

Need another reason to buy AT&T?

Its Cheap!

The price of owning one share of AT&T is $33 on average.

you can buy about 2 – 3 Shares depending on the price excluding trading fees.

Trading Fee?

Oh no Shaq you lied! you didn’t tell me that there was a hidden fee?Take a deep breathe.

All online brokerage account charge what is know as a “trading fee” to conduct trades(buy and selling stock) on the stock market for you.

Think of it as paying the middle man, simple!

You yourself cannot access the stock exchange without these guys unless you become a broker, so you must pay to participate.

Typical trading fee PER TRADE is in the range of $4.95 – $10

Averaging Down your investment.

A critical thought every early investor should grasp is that of buying low to sell high.

This is where “Averaging down” on buying stocks coming in. To make it simple it means to only buy when the Stock Dips or is lower that day (Red day).

This keeps the average price you paid for shares purchased periodically, lower.

Benefits of Compound Interest

Best way to get the most return on your dividend stocks investment is to reinvest the dividends.

This is done through what is known as the DRIP. or dividend reinvestment plan.

You can set this up by contacting the support line of your brokerage account, from the list earlier.

Congratulations! you have successfully purchased your first piece of a company, you are now an owner.

Did you learn something new from this post? Leave it below in the comments👇🏽

BEST Stocks To Buy Right Now with only $100 to invest in Stock Market.

Lets face it,When people hear about investing in the stock market,They think you have to break the bank. Investing in stocks with little money, is very possible.Today I will give you my quick list of the best stocks to buy right now for under a $100!

Realty income Corporation (O)

Realty income corp. Monthly Dividend Stock
Realty Income Corporation Stock Logo

Realty income corporation ticker symbol “O” on the New York Stock Exchange, is a REIT(Real Estate Stock)

With a low share price of $55 alongside an impressive 4.74% dividend yield,Realty income corporation ranks as one of the highest monthly paying dividend stocks on the stock market today!

1 Share of “O” currently trades at $55.82

Buying this stock on the dip, will increase your overall dollar cost per-average while providing a solid Monthly dividend.

O stock has been increasing its dividend for 22 years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


Everything around us is considered real estate, investing in this business model will help you win.

General Mills (GIS)

General Mills, Leading cereal and breakfast food provider
General Mills Inc. Company Logo


Do you enjoy pouring Cheerios into a steaming warm bowl of milk first thing in the morning? I know i sure do.

Well General Mills Inc. Stock (GIS) might just be the right pick to add to your portfolio.

1 shares of General mills stock is priced at $43.70

I always tell my students when investing in stocks for beginners, to Pick companies your a familiar with.

General Mills manufactures and markets consumer foods for over 100 companies currently.

Brands you may have heard of that are produced by General Mills includes, Chex, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the list goes on.


I am enjoying a bowl of cereal as I am writing this article, while thinking about how much my portfolio will be paying me in a couple years.I suggest you do the same.

Did you enjoy this blog post? Want more? Follow “ShaqTalksStocks” BLOG For more quick stock tips !!(Keep Reading)

Activison Blizzard (ATVI)

2018 Activision Logo
Activision Blizzard Inc. Logo

If you’re like me you probably went through a video game phase,I remember in high school I played Call of Duty Black Ops for hours straight on my xbox.

As a grown man I know now this was an early sign from the stock gods.

Activision Blizzard makes major gaming titles you might have heard of like the high anticipated “Call of Duty Black ops 4” or “Fortnite” (insert dance here)

ATVI stock earnings per share or EPS has risen 44.2% last quarter adding and extra 62 cents to the stock.

ATVI pays a annual dividend of 30 cents per share.The DRIP Method is your friend with this stock.


Bottom line when it comes to investing is to start today ,like right now!This is the only true way to build wealth, through owning assets.

Top Marijuana Stock of 2018,To add to your Early Retirement Investment Strategy

With Canda Legalization of marijuana less than a month away, investing in the top marijuana stocks of 2018 is crucial,to making your pockets smile in the long run. Though the stock market is flooded right now with start up cannabis businesses, this stock is projected to see great future gains,and would be a great addition to your early retirement investment strategy.

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) –

canopy growth corporation weed farmCanopy Growth Hersey Factor Grow house

With Bruce linton steering the ship, Canopy Growth corporation has already secured one of the Largest Market Caps of 2018 ,an astounding $11.97 Billion. Canopy is set to be a leading pot producer in 2018 because of these dominating factors.

Constellation Brands Beverage deal –

Canopy’s partnership with Corona beer makers Constellation brands, added an extra 4.5 billion dollars to Canopy growth’s overall market cap in August 2018. Canopy Growth Corporation stock has risen 13.66% within the last month due to this latest aquisition.With current outstanding shares of 228.53M, Canopy has a larger float than other weed stock on the market. The float of Canopy growth makes it a very liquid stock.The deal includes patents to make the first Weed infused wellness beverage. CBD will be the active ingridient in the drinks, described as a “TWEED and Tonic,” by CEO Bruce Linton,will cause the consumer to feel more relaxed after a long day of work, or for patients seeking a more medical approach who suffer from chronic pain, depending on the formula choosen

2.4 Million Square Feet Of Grow Space –

The winner of the Top Marijuana stocks of 2018 will depend upon this one main factor, who can grow the most pot in the shortest period of time. The abandoned Hersey factory purchased by Canopy growth corporation back in 2016, contains 2.4 Million feet of growing space.This will allow Canopy to produce 500,000 Kilograms of Weed once up and running at full capacity.Overall Canopy is a solid contender in the pot stocks fight for the top.

Snoop Dogg TWEED Manitoba Retail Stores –

Tweed retail stores Located in Manitoba, CanadaCanopy growth Tweed Retail store Manitoba, Canada


Snoopy Dogg has Caught the spark (Pun intended) investing in the Cannabis industry moves towards legalization, Snoop Dogg has partnered with Canopy Growth and Tweed to release his own line of weed products.Tweed has signed liscensed government agreements with the Manitoba government, to open 3 stores which will be located in Brandon and Winnipeg.

Leave a Comment below about Canopy, Will you be invest in the Cannabis Sector this Fall?


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